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Taxes and Their Importance, Part I

I despise taxes as much as the next person, but if TurboTax can simplify taxes, I believe I can too. For those aspiring to start their own businesses and hope to be bought out for $16 billion by Facebook, taxes are pivotal in understanding how much money we actually have. Here are the ones that
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The Speculation Behind Earnings Reports

During every trading day, news of recent quarterly results floods into market news feeds, and effectively constituting the next day/week’s performance of the stock. Recently, Coca-Cola Company (KO) reported a rise in Earnings Per Share, but missed analysts’ estimates in revenues, resulting in 2% decline in the share performance on Tuesday. Similarly enough, Tesla Motors
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The Forgotten Facts of Retirement

What’s ultimately the reason why future retirees seek advice from retirement managers than using online retirement calculators? Without any upper hand, a business can be undermined and replaced. Similarly, that’s what calculators from CNNMoney, Bloomberg, and other sites do to any unsuspicious and future-conscious person. What most of the calculators include are average return on
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Non-Profit Organizations That Are Changing the Finance World

Ranging from healthcare awareness to workers’ rights, non-profit organizations cover some of the most prominent issues in our modern world. With all of these organizations and all the galvanization they do to advance our current status of living, which ones impact the world of finance? From providing financial opportunities in poverty-ridden nations to securing microfinance
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The Best Ways to Start Early: DECA and FBLA

Spread throughout the United States and Canada, there are two prominent business, finance, management, and hospitality programs called DECA (Distribute Education Clubs of America) and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) in high school. The collegiate divisions of the two organizations exist, but they are similar in their approach and what they can do to
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Answers to “Concerns in the Finance World to a Minor” Part I

Previously, I had written an article concerning the issues minors felt are prevalent in the world today. In lieu of answers, I reviewed my questions and gathered answers. The article I previously wrote is located here.Here’s what I gathered: How much money is enough? In order to determine how much money is enough, you need
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Concerns in the Finance World to a Minor

What really concerns minors nowadays when it comes to the financial world? To the 17% of the world’s population that is under the age of 18, we have a wide spectrum of questions, ranging from the economy to the process of buying a house. The overarching question that sits on the minds of minors is
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Istanbul Stock Exchange, Istanbul Government Officials, and Youth Champion Awards: My Trip to Istanbul

Looking back on my Istanbul trip last week, it was too eventful to even grasp while I was there. Only on my flight back did I realize how fortunate I am and how far I’ve come to earn these opportunities. My work began in the summer of 2011, where I started my involvement in financial
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The Power of Crowdsourcing: From Sponsorships to Startups

Almost everyday, there is news on activity in the White House, but most of the time, they don’t relate to minors. However, on April 5th, 2012, Barack Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, also known as the JOBS Act. The Act has received praise from Google and other technology startups. But what does
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Interview with Founder, Tuomas Jomppanen is a savings calculator created by Tuomas Jomppanen. is a savings calculator that helps users determine how long it takes for them to reach financial independence. Using the built-in calculator, you can determine how long it will take to reach your independence. Anyone can use the calculator; from beginners learning to save to
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