Quick thoughts on Global Economy 

Quick thoughts… China: Chinese stock market has fallen 30% in last 3 weeks 80% of stock market is held by individual investors. US has much less proportion as there are more institutional investors: mutual funds, etc. Chinese individuals are borrowing money to invest in the stock market. History repeating itself again just like Dot-Com bust.
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DIRTT Environmental Solutions: Waiting For The Right Time To Buy In

This kicks off our pipeline of 2014 posts on UI, including several internship reviews, additional educational posts, and a special primer on the financial technology sector. We mark our return with a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of DIRTT Environmental Solutions (TSX: DRT) by guest contributor Amir Ahmad. We’re thrilled for this feature because it will introduce
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Eugene Fama’s Efficient Market Hypothesis

How in the world can investors consistently return portfolios that beat the S&P 500 year after year? Is it even possible? Contrary to the few men in history that have beat the S&P (yes, Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway have absorbed bigger losses than the S&P), Eugene Fama from the University of Chicago developed the
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Where to Begin? Find Knowledge Here

Given that our audience tends to be from the Millennial Generation, it is safe to say that these resources will feed your appetite for intriguing topics, financial solutions, and Feasibility study services. In fact, I insist that these sites are some of the most valuable for news on investing, fund news, markets (Buy-Side and Sell-Side),
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Creative Real Estate Investing— Part 3 —Flipping, Buy and Hold

In case you missed Part 1 of creative real estate investing, here is the link. In case you missed Part 2 of creative real estate investing, here is the link. These last strategies of creative real estate investing include flipping and the buy and hold strategy.  They are considered more advanced in my book, just
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Creative Real Estate Investing— Part 2 —Lease Options

In case you missed Part 1 of creative real estate investing, here is the link. The next strategy is definitely a little bit more advanced.  As you evolve in your investing you’ll realize that investing for capital gains is not always the greatest. You’ll continually have to generate new deals every time you need money. 
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Creative Real Estate Investing— Part 1 —Bird Dogging, Wholesaling

There are several different ways to invest in real estate, some of them traditional and some of them outside the box; however, it is important to always pick the most socially responsible investments.  You may have heard of guru’s who claim to be able to have solutions for no money down, no credit, no documentation,
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Part 1: Investment Banking and the Sell Side

Oh, hello there. Long time no see. Sorry for being MIA for a while but I hope you’ve all been staying up to date with our Facebook group. I promised that 2014 would be a big year for UnderageInvestor.com, so I hope this post can get it started! I want to clarify the opacity of a
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Taxes and Their Importance, Part I

Payroll Taxes: An actual misnomer, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act was created to establish Social Security and Medicare. If you ever have problems with your social security, then you may want to contact a social security attorney. Payroll taxes were created to provide benefits for retirees, the disabled, and children of deceased workers. Handling your taxes can
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Top 5 Rebounding Real Estate Neighborhoods in California

This post is originally from Safeer’s new project Housing Rebound. At Housing Rebound, we are always crunching numbers and analyzing data in order to determine the best neighborhoods to invest in. As previously discussed, these are a number of factors when analyzing neighborhoods from a real estate investment perspective. These factors include: Median Value, $ /
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