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Where to Begin? Find Knowledge Here

Given that our audience tends to be from the Millennial Generation, it is safe to say that these resources will feed your appetite for intriguing topics, financial solutions, and Feasibility study services. In fact, I insist that these sites are some of the most valuable for news on investing, fund news, markets (Buy-Side and Sell-Side),
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Part 1: Investment Banking and the Sell Side

Oh, hello there. Long time no see. Sorry for being MIA for a while but I hope you’ve all been staying up to date with our Facebook group. I promised that 2014 would be a big year for, so I hope this post can get it started! I want to clarify the opacity of a
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The Smart(est) Way: Value Investing

We meet again, readers. I apologize for the delay of posts on UI; it’s been a hectic couple of months. So I figured I’d fire up the engines again. Today I’d like to speak to you about the most intelligent way to invest in the market: value investing. Since Ben Graham and David Dodd incepted
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Investment Catalysts

Retail investors like us want to invest in stocks for one common reason: to generate future profit. If you are more interested in specific companies, there must be something about that corporation that is attractive. Whether it is their products or services, their CEO’s track record, or their lack of competition, you must have an
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Asset Classes

Ok, now that you’ve opened up a brokerage account and call yourself an investor/day trader/A$AP Buffett at holiday parties, let’s dive into the types of assets you can invest in. This is important for those of you dedicated to maintaining a polished portfolio that you will track regularly. It helps to organize your investments and
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A Day in the Life of a Private Wealth Management Intern

I promised you all a follow-up to my piece from last week, so here it is. I know this isn’t the first question that pops in your head every morning when you wake up, but please let me answer the question, “What does Salmaan Javed do every day as a Private Wealth Management intern at
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What is Private Wealth Management?

Two weeks ago, I began my first finance-related internship in the Private Wealth Management (PWM) division at a Swiss bank called UBS. It sounds fancy but it’s essentially the management of wealthy individuals’ stock portfolios. These individuals are called ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients and must have at least $25 million to manage. With so
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Quantitative Easing and Why it Matters to You

The Federal Reserve–“The Fed”, “The Lender of Last Resort,” is the central banking system of the United States. There are twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks across the country that house additional cash of private banks through its “federal funds” function. It serves multiple purposes that include overseeing monetary policy, balancing the roles of the government
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Gold: The Protector of Wealth

Gold is usually associated with wealth, richness, or treasure. It has remained a valuable commodity throughout the times, finally ending up in Federal Reserves around the world and indirectly part of the commodities exchange market. To the modern day man, gold is primarily seen as an alternative investment vehicle to stocks, funds, futures, bonds, real
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Get Involved, Even If You Don’t Want To

Whether you are in high school or in college, it is critical that you get involved on campus organizations throughout your four years. If you are on this page, you are probably interested in business, finance, entrepreneurship or economics. If in high school, ask around the student body and check out the various booths at
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