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Quick thoughts on Global Economy 

Quick thoughts… China: Chinese stock market has fallen 30% in last 3 weeks 80% of stock market is held by individual investors. US has much less proportion as there are more institutional investors: mutual funds, etc. Chinese individuals are borrowing money to invest in the stock market. History repeating itself again just like Dot-Com bust.
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Top 5 Rebounding Real Estate Neighborhoods in California

This post is originally from Safeer’s new project Housing Rebound. At Housing Rebound, we are always crunching numbers and analyzing data in order to determine the best neighborhoods to invest in. As previously discussed, these are a number of factors when analyzing neighborhoods from a real estate investment perspective. These factors include: Median Value, $ /
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Discover rebounding real estate

This post is originally from Safeer’s new project Housing Rebound. When my father and I started investing in real estate in Modesto nearly two years ago, the market just started to see prices firming up.  Homes would go from active to pending quickly but not rapidly as what it has become today. Now you are
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The American Middle Class and Intellectual Economy In Jeopardy

The Washington Post just came out with a blog post showcasing Peter Thiel’s Graph of the Year. What could possibly be the graph of one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist? Take a guess…it’s not what you think. It’s a graph of the sharp rise of Student Loan Debt joined with
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Cash ain’t King.

In a virtual world where the concept of trust is rare, some words need to be said about how successful companies operate – and that is on a matter of trust. The real innovation that successful companies have done has never been about creating the prettiest app or the cheapest hardware. It’s always been about
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How Much Money Should You Have In Your Bank Account?

Most people act like the amount of money that they have in their bank accounts is largely up to factors that they have little control over.  Is this true?  Is there a certain amount you should have?  How much is it?  The answers to these questions and more can help you to shape your financial
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Interview with Palash S. Islam, A Board Certified Financial Planner

Disclosure: Palash S. Islam is the owner of Synergy Financial Group, LTD.  He is also a Board Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). Securities and Advisory Services offered through KMS Financial Services, Inc. 1. What are the steps to take in terms of Financial Planning especially for college students and young professionals?  At the end of the
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Passive Investment Options

Passive investment options are ideal for anyone who wants some good investments but who doesn’t want to have to make plans to check in on those investments more than a few times yearly or pay for their oversight.  There are many options when it comes to passive investment and some options that become passive investments
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How Can I Buy Into Real Estate Now?

You can buy into real estate now.  It’s that simple. You might, however, require the assistance of hua hin real estate agents down the line. The trick is knowing how to do it and then taking those steps toward actually doing it.  If you want to buy into real estate now, you can find a Home
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How Often Should I Watch My Stock Portfolio?

One of the most frequently asked questions about stocks is how often a person should check their stock portfolio.  If you ask this question, you are bound to get any number of answers, but those answers are often not backed up by much solid reasoning.  Here are some clear answers to this question and why
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