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DIRTT Environmental Solutions: Waiting For The Right Time To Buy In

This kicks off our pipeline of 2014 posts on UI, including several internship reviews, additional educational posts, and a special primer on the financial technology sector. We mark our return with a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of DIRTT Environmental Solutions (TSX: DRT) by guest contributor Amir Ahmad. We’re thrilled for this feature because it will introduce
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Where to Begin? Find Knowledge Here

Given that our audience tends to be from the Millennial Generation, it is safe to say that these resources will feed your appetite for intriguing topics, financial solutions, and Feasibility study services. In fact, I insist that these sites are some of the most valuable for news on investing, fund news, markets (Buy-Side and Sell-Side),
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Taxes and Their Importance, Part I

Payroll Taxes: An actual misnomer, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act was created to establish Social Security and Medicare. If you ever have problems with your social security, then you may want to contact a social security attorney. Payroll taxes were created to provide benefits for retirees, the disabled, and children of deceased workers. Handling your taxes can
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The American Middle Class and Intellectual Economy In Jeopardy

The Washington Post just came out with a blog post showcasing Peter Thiel’s Graph of the Year. What could possibly be the graph of one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist? Take a guess…it’s not what you think. It’s a graph of the sharp rise of Student Loan Debt joined with
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Asset Classes

Ok, now that you’ve opened up a brokerage account and call yourself an investor/day trader/A$AP Buffett at holiday parties, let’s dive into the types of assets you can invest in. This is important for those of you dedicated to maintaining a polished portfolio that you will track regularly. It helps to organize your investments and
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A Day in the Life of a Venture Capital Intern

A couple weeks ago, Salmaan posted his “Day in the Life of a Private Wealth Management Intern” article to give you a bit of an insight into the world of Private Wealth Managament, and more specifically, what it’s like for a young financier to intern in that part of the industry.  Salmaan reached out to
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The Forgotten Facts of Retirement

What’s ultimately the reason why future retirees seek advice from estate planning attorney and retirement planning managers than using online retirement calculators and attending tax planning classes? Without any upper hand, a business can be undermined and replaced. Similarly, that’s what calculators from CNNMoney, Bloomberg, and other sites do to any unsuspicious and future-conscious person. What most of
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Non-Profit Organizations That Are Changing the Finance World

Ranging from healthcare awareness to workers’ rights, non-profit organizations cover some of the most prominent issues in our modern world. With all of these organizations and all the galvanization they do to advance our current status of living, which ones impact the world of finance? From providing financial with financial management from Early Growth to create
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The Best Ways to Start Early: DECA and FBLA

Spread throughout the United States and Canada, there are two prominent business, finance, management, and hospitality programs called DECA (Distribute Education Clubs of America) and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) in high school. The collegiate divisions of the two organizations exist, but they are similar in their approach and what they can do to
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Answers to “Concerns in the Finance World to a Minor” Part I

Previously, I had written an article concerning the issues minors felt are prevalent in the world today. In lieu of answers, I reviewed my questions and gathered answers. The article I previously wrote is located here.Here’s what I gathered: How much money is enough? In order to determine how much money is enough, you need
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