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How Much Money Should You Have In Your Bank Account?

Most people act like the amount of money that they have in their bank accounts is largely up to factors that they have little control over.  Is this true?  Is there a certain amount you should have?  How much is it?  The answers to these questions and more can help you to shape your financial
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Campaign for Minor Bank Accounts

Living in the United States, I was fortunate enough to be given access to bank accounts. At the time, I took that privilege for granted, and didn’t really appreciate the fortunate circumstances I lived in. I was given minimal interest for leaving my cash with the bank, and I was rewarded more interest by putting
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Bank Accounts: Checking vs Savings

When you open bank accounts, there are typically two primary types of accounts available. One is a checking account and the other is a savings account. Each type of account serves its own purpose. Additionally, different banks offer different types of programs for each type of account. Before you can decide which type of account
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